In the autumn of 2010, the four partners of an event company went on a training camp with Springtime in Portugal. The theme was Holistic training and the teachers for the week were Johanna Andersson and Cecilia Gustafsson. Already at the plane home, we knew that we wanted to do something with our newfound passion of Yoga and our experiences from the event industry… And so, the idea of Yoga Games was born.
But we wanted to go bigger than the already existing yoga events in Sweden. We looked at the US and the rest of the world where the big yoga conferences is arranged. The first year 2011 the event cost a lot and the income didnt really match the costs. The arrangement was a success but financially it gave negative results. 2012 were a little better with more participants but we still couldn’t reduce the loss from last year. From 2013 we have reached the goal to be able to work more active with Yoga Games which has resulted in opening in new cities like Stockholm in 2015.
We are proud that Yoga Games has the opportunity to donate to the ones in need and we really hope that you, as participants and exhibitors, feel the same!



Yoga Games is a product which is designed and executed by East-westcoast AB. Yoga Games is a yearly recurring meeting point for those who practice yoga, all over the world. It is the biggest yoga event in Scandinavia and attracts several world known international instructors. East-Westcoast AB SE556666041001 and started in 2004.
After many successful campaigns in Scandinavia, we have great references from several international brands. We have delivered most things within PR and events: sampling, product launches, viral activations, marketing online, editorial exposure in TV, radio and print, profiling and collaborations between companies who can benefit from each other’s brands and channels.     
Our head office i located in Gothenburg where 5 people work, we have all Scandinavia and northern Europe as a working place and we create everything from smaller local activities in chosen cities to campaigns in Scandinavia. 
We are happy to join right from the start with an idea and to bring the campaign to closure, but we can also contribute with an energy kick and some new thinking in an already existing campaign, if that is what you need.
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