Presentatörer - Stockholm February 9-11 2018

Michael James Wong

Michael James Wong, London

A Los Angeles native who relationship with yoga and movement spans over the past 10 years. Throughout this journey, Michael has been lucky enough to travel the world teaching and training with some of the worlds most inspiring teachers. Always a student first, Michael continues to practice and teach with a powerful body, an open mind and a fearless heart.

Now living in London, Michael teaches West Coast Power Yoga, a strong and dynamic union that joins the physical asana with the breath. These days, Michael aim’s to teach traditional yoga concepts with a modern day approach, whilst still offering space for all students to find their own balance and grounding both on and off the mat.

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Stockholm 9-11 februari 2018

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09:00 : Just Breathe (Studio 5 Magasinet)

Meditation & Modern Mindfulness Grand Gathering

Whether you’re new to meditation or already have a steady practice, come and sit with us in the stillness as we turn the volume down. Join us for a Grand Gathering where we’ll sit together as one, connecting, breathing and sharing the space. The class will start with a discussion about Modern Mindfulness and how we can bring it more into our everyday lives, and then we will get quiet. The experience will be extremely special with 100+ people in a group meditation lead by Michael James Wong, Founder of Just Breathe London (and BOYS OF YOGA). You do not want to miss the silence.

This class is open to all, come as you are, no meditation experience required

12:30 : The Way of the Warrior (Studio 1 Strindberg)

A Power Vinyasa master class that builds the heat & fire of the practice. This class will explore the strength, courage and kindness of the Warrior and challenge your mindfulness through a long & strong, slow dynamic flow. Through controlled motion and presence in the alignment, this class will clear the mind, empower the body and inspire the spirit.

This class is a LADDER FLOW where we will build 5 unique asana sequences that when joined together will form one epic ladder flow to be practice together.


11:30 : Sleepy Time (Studio 1 Strindberg)

A Restorative Masterclass

Isn’t it time to slow down and do less. You’ve had a long weekend & it’s time to let the body rest. Join Michael James Wong for a calm & cozy restorative class that moves the body gently with deep stretches, long holds & plenty of pauses. We’ll start on the floor and we won’t be getting up. Slow is the way to go, and this practice will help to undo all the tension, tightness and hard work we put into the body on a daily basis.