Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 27-29 2018

Rusty Wells

Rusty Wells, San Francisco USA

Rusty Wells is a yogic messenger and the author of Bhakti Flow, A Training Guide for Practice and Life (Shambhala 2015). He leads teacher trainings, retreats and workshops around the world. Rusty’s classes are an experiential explosion of music, joy, sweat, stillness, and loving energy that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss. Rusty’s daily online video series, Yoga My Love, has been a worldwide success as he brings the Bhakti Flow practice from his home to yours.

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Göteborg 27-29 april 2018

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10:45 : Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel (Studio 2)

Imagine getting stuck in the mud. The way to get unstuck is to put your shoulder against the wheel so that you can use your body in a smart way. Our class today will focus on how to use our shoulders with intelligence and creativity. Within a flowing class, we will periodically pause to examine how our shoulders are doing and play with safe and effective options that will keep them healthy, strong and flexible. Our goal is to provide the world with safe shoulders to lean on, rest on, cry on and cuddle into! Come prepared to sweat, sing and love.

16:15 : Bhakti Flow Master Class (Studio 2)

Experience power flow yoga in a dynamic session designed to take the inquisitive practitioner to a new level. This fun and challenging class is wrapped in love and devotion and will introduce students to Bhakti Flow, Rusty’s signature freestyle vinyasa class. It is a prayer-filled dance to the Beloved. Come prepared to sing, sweat and flow!


13:00 : Warrior of Love (Studio 1)

Let’s take all the power and passion we build up from the practice and discover a way to harness it for universal and personal good. We work so hard in our warrior poses and all those asanas that require us to give ourselves completely. What good is this if we don’t find some genuine purpose for all these efforts? Bhakti can transform the “why” in the practice towards a greater good in our lives. Together, let’s become Warriors of Love in order to bring peace and love to all those in need. Come prepared to sweat and sing and wake up what’s long been forgotten.

16:30 : Nada Lotta (Studio 1)

Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound - in every way, shape and form. This vinyasa-based class focuses on how the sound of the breath, the sound of the chants, the sound of the soundtrack and even the sound of silence can bring us all the closer to the heart of oneness. Come prepared to sweat and sing (A LOT) and flow and listen to the melodies from your heart. Short guided meditation included!