Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 27-29 2018

Amir Jaan

Amir Jaan, London UK

Amir was classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga under the close observations of a host of world renowned and internationally revered Guru mentors for 10 years & almost two decades on from being a novice student.  Amir is Now a Senior Mentor to hundreds of students himself, having worked for many many years with members of the general pubic, charities that support people in recovery, young offenders & those with very particular special needs.

Amir also has a private client list & a world wide consultancy that comprises and includes Top Level professional sports men & women, business leaders, celebrities and CEO's of large multi national organisations. Having conducted in excess of 35,000 thousand public and private classes in London and across the world, Amir Jaan brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment, be it group or one to one; and has bought by example, many of his students into the teaching profession and consolidated practice of the Spiritual arts.

Amir Jaan has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer world and inner sea scapes of attendees by sharing openheartedly his own ever deepening experiential knowledge of Yogic science combined with the presence and confidence of knowing, qualities that can only be purchased with the currencies of time, dedicated daily practise and patience.

Even with a busy teaching schedule Amir remains an integral part of the Kundalini fraternity in London across the United Kingdom & Europe. Working closely with his mentors and students to extend the reach and scope of this technology or technical knowledge into innumerable settings where the appliance of this life enhancing science can serve and strengthen, heal and repair, bring new hope and insight to all those who find and diligently practise this medicine for the twenty first century. 

Amir's specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Humanology make him a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reform-ation, in an Organic, Safe & Self Healing Way.

Stockholm 9-11 februari 2018

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12:30 : The Soul Adventurers (Studio 5 Magasinet)

Navigating the Grate Living Hall - Of Mirrors 

In this workshop Amir will Assist participants to Gaze Deeply into their own eyes ~  the eyes of your friends, family & strangers ~ into the Heart of the Magical Floresta of Mother Nature...which includes the Mineral, Plant & Animal Kingdoms... And to Find, See & Recognise in "The Other" Your Own Smiling Reflection :) right there in The Great Living Hall of Mirrors 8>~<3

Level: Intermediate



08:00 : The Only Way Out is iN (Studio 5 Magasinet)

In this workshop Amir will discuss & share practices with participants  that illustrate the notion, that we are essentially trapped in the prisOm of the mind.  With it's vast array of complex & multifaceted functions... 

Such as it's potent and instantaneous influence over our emotional experience of both the circumstantial world or environment that we perceive as incoming data from the senses;  

And the lucid world of imagination that the we create with the focused attention of our projected thoughts & memories... 

And that The Only Way Out of This PrisOm of Thinking, that often holds us hostage agains our will in the labyrinth of our minds and the phantom twilight of who you've been trained to think you are.. 

Is to Disappear into the "Deeper Field of Awareness", in which the faculty of the mind swims & dances and plays in it's search for Meaningful Growth, Understanding, Love, Trust & Acceptance

Level: Intermediate

Göteborg 27-29 april 2018

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09:30 : The Fire Dance (Studio 2)

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16:30 : Still Point (Yogatältet)

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