Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 27-29 2018

Katy Appleton


Katy Appleton, Lodon UK

Katy Appleton, Founder & Director of appleyoga brings to yoga more than 25 years of expertise in movement through ballet, Pilates, body tuning, breath and energy work. She is an internationally recognised teacher of Vinyasa Flow and is known for bringing the true essence of yoga alive in a student's body mind in creative, dynamic and life transforming ways. Her teaching is biomechanically savvy whilst fun and playful, invoking a deeper embodied sense of self within a practice.

Katy enjoyed a 10-year career as a dancer before devoting herself completely to yoga. She danced across the world with the Royal Ballet and English National Ballet, complimenting her dance career with the power of yoga's movements, breathing and relaxation techniques. 

After qualifying to teach in 1998, she studied many different styles with some of the world's leading teachers, and she draws on her experiences to form her own style of yoga, known worldwide as appleyoga. Katy is also the creator of the appleyoga school, running life-transforming teacher trainings, apple adventure worldwide retreats and online courses. She has published several yoga books and award-winning DVDs for home practice.

Göteborg 27-29 april 2018

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16:00 : Mapping the Energy Body (Studio 2)

Lecture + class:

Mapping the Rainbow body of Light Lecture

Katy offers an informative and revealing lecture as a prelude to the yoga flow on the psychology of the energy body giving a deeper understanding of the chakra system and how it shows up in life physically, mentally & emotionally both on and off the mat.

Rainbow flow

One of the primary intentions of Hatha Yoga is to purify, strengthen and increase the vibration and flow of energy (prana) within the body. The yogic practices of asana, breath, mantra, meditation and deep relaxation are to name just a few.
In our time together through yoga techniques we will be tapping this energetic field, shifting pranic flow and raising the vibration of energy. This will rebalance highs or lows, blockages or depletions – so the prana can sing and dance at it’s optimal frequency, then we can feel lighter, brighter and grounded from the inside out!! 

On offer will be an slow and dynamic flow, where we’ll map the energy body as we go, finding a deeper understanding of the chakra system and how it shows up in life.  Having grounded, flowed, stoked the fire, opened our hearts, mind and voices, we’ll move towards the delights of a lunar practice; hip openers, forward bends & twists, completing in the blissful stillness of relaxation and meditation.

This workshop will leave you feeling energetically grounded, vibrant and clear in body & mind, and with a soft & open heart; expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.


09:00 : Kali Durga Flow (Studio 1)

This is a dynamic-paced practice dedicated to the goddesses Kali and Durga. Kali, the one who invokes the fire within in order to dissolve all that no longer serves. Durga, warrior goddess of strength, protection, and courage, she is the revolutionary force within our being that initiates massive change and compels us forward in our own spiritual evolution. Come prepared to burn and shine your light bright!

12:30 : Be Fearless (Studio 1)

Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your Soul on Fire

I think we are all searching for this feeling, aren't we - to find something that fulfils our soul. And brilliantly it's completely different for everyone, isn't it. Using yoga's profound life transforming tools and offering time to contemplate and delight in its answers, we will flow, laugh, chant and come home again and again.


08:00 : Hanuman Flow (Studio 1)

Hanuman, the monkey deity, is a central figure in Hindu mythology. Considered to be a great yogi, he is revered for his selfless service, devotion, and fearlessness.

“Many of us shrink before impossible tasks, or even tasks that are just a bit hard, because we are just like Hanuman. We easily forget that there is a part of us that is also divine and can accomplish the impossible… It is with faith and hope that we can go forth with confidence and leap across oceans, change the world, or simply fall back in love.” Alanna Kaivalya

Join Katy in this grounded, flowing open-hearted asana and mantra practice.