Presentatörer - Gothenburg April 27-29 2018


Ateeka Oslo Norge och Italien

I am inspired to share a contemporary perspective of yoga that is immediate, fluid and experiential.   It is a healing and meditative process infused with tantric wisdom and the grace of many teachers, guides and masters.

My teachings reflect and encourage the innate intelligence of your bio-system by bridging traditional yoga studies, modern somatic approaches, meditative techniques and inquiry towards consciousness.

It is my hope that my teachings are as much without doctrine or dogma or hierarchy as possible while nurturing a great respect for the wisdom I have received from my teachers and their lineages.  I open to create a grounded, open and flowing environment that my students can learn from and contribute to.

My background includes extensive practice and teacher training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Integral and Kundalini Yoga. Continuum Movement has had a great influence on her developments in yoga and she has logged more than 300 hours of study with Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement. 

Currently I am a student of Madhurima Rigtrup and deeply inspired by Danish spiritual teacher, Jes Bertelsen.  My journey has turned deeply inward and I have a deep curiousity towards experiencing the nature of consciousness . . . towards naked awareness.

My nomadic spirit loves to travel internationally to share her Yoga, Somatic and Tantsu practices. And my Taurean side with deep roots loves staying home, living close to nature on an ancient island with my chosen family.

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Göteborg 27-29 april 2018

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09:30 : The Sacred Spine (Yogatältet)

Welcome to a  workshop exploring the sacrality and potent flow of your own spine. Through the principles of YogaSOMATICS,  we will explore the deep potential of your own spine as a river, an antenna, a serpent, a flow of connected information that rides on the tide of cerebral spinal fluid eventually resting in coherent resonance.   Being in deep contact with your own spinal movement can help to create a sensation of wide calm, more energy and a wide sensing of life itself.

Our movements are soft and gentle for the body, so this workshop is open to all adults of any level of experience and physical ability.  Teachers and experienced yoga practitioners will find this evening inspiring and will give new input for your existing practice

16:30 : The Heart of Relaxation (Studio 2)

A profound relaxation that returns you to rest deeply in a relaxed center. Ateeka will guide you through 20 minutes of soft unwinding movement and then a 30 minute reclining guided meditation that will help you to ground and integrate all of the wonderful energies you have experienced during your day at the YogaGames A wonderful end of the day! This deep relaxation/meditation includes soft movement, stillness, natural breath awareness and noticing the inner flow of one’s own felt sense.

It is open to EVERYONE!