Udstillare Yoga Games Helsemesse

København 21-22 mar 2020


Adventure Heart tilbyder YOGA rejser i Europa og Asien og snart Afrika og Amerika. Retreats fra 5 – 12 dage og rejser fra 2 uger.

Vores nye Yoga og Wellness programmer er tilpasset forskellige ønsker i en skøn kombination af vores Eventyr DNA og sundhed på krop, sind og sjæl.

Adventure Heart har arrangeret rejser i over 30 år. Rejser for erhvervslivet og for både unge og voksne med forskellige temaer.

Vi sætter en ære i at finde den helt rigtige rejse til den enkeltes ønsker og drømme.

Vi arbejder med CSR og bæredygtighed med vores partnere herhjemme og i udlandet og følger rejsebranchens tiltag omkring transport samt øvrige forhold.




We are a Yoga Teacher Tribe encouraging people to live and share their TRUTH.

The teachings are based on Embodied Yoga- Authentic Flow, Embodied Flow™,

Embodied Yin™, and Somatics, Non-dual Tantrik Philosophy, Self-healing Techniques,

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanism and more.




Bella Beluga is a Danish Yoga Wear brand. Designs are made in Denmark and production takes place in Italy.  Designs are developed with an emphasis on functionality and respect for the female body. Our Classic Collection is created with state of the art computers and Italian machinery resulting in fashion that offers seamless, cool designs using innovative Dryarn making the apparel insulation and breathable at the same time. www.bellabeluga.dk





Sustainability. Best Behavior is a sustainable slow fashion brand. Our core value is to be mindful in everything we do, through environmentally sustainable production and personal relationships.





Brahma Kumaris teaches Raja Yoga meditation which relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Raja Yoga is without rituals or mantras and is practised with ‘open eyes', which makes meditation simple and easy. Brahma Kumaris offers daily open evening meditations, free courses in positive thinking and meditation at their meditation center in Copenhagen, see: www.brahmakumaris.dk

Brahma Kumaris Eco Initiativeencourages greater understanding of the role of consciousness and lifestyle in environmental issues. It highlights five principles:

  • Living with simplicity
  • Buying Compassionately
  • Using economically
  • Learning continuously
  • Sharing generous




I mere end 30 år har det svenske mærke Casall leveret træningstøj og træningsudstyr af høj kvalitet. Tøjet er inspireret af modebranchen med hårde udskæringer og dejlige farver uden bekostning af funktionalitet. Casall træningstøj er designet til at få dig til at føle dig godt tilpas og gøre dit bedste under træningen. Derudover fokuserer Casall på etikken i produktionen af træningstøjet og arbejder konstant for at sikre, at hverken miljøet eller samfundet skades under fremstillingsprocessen. www.casall.dk




CrossYoga er et netværk bestående af instruktører i hele Europa. Vi har intet studie, men underviser i kirker, medborgerhuse osv. Vi tilbyder bl.a. instruktøruddannelser, retræter, faste hold, workshops og gratis yoga på Youtube.

Vores drøm er, at mennesker finder heling, kærlighed og mening med livet. CrossYoga er moderne bevægelsesyoga, der har udgangspunkt i Jesus Kristus som Mester og Frelser.

Mange instruktører arbejder frivilligt og tilbyder derfor CrossYoga gratis i lokale folkekirker. Vi tilbyder dette fordi yoga er ikke kun for de rige, slanke, smidige eller 'rettroende'. Vi laver yoga for alle, som ønsker ro og længes efter at dyrke deres spiritualitet i en kirkelig kontekst.

www.crossyoga.dk(dansk)  www.crossyoga.org(English)





Strikkede ponchoer og sjaler i bløde, dejlige materialer som alpakka, kashmir og linned.





Our exquisite gongs are handmade instruments crafted by gongmasters in Germany


Gongs are played in holistic soundmeditations, pujas, concerts and for your own personal spiritual journey.

We believe that conscious sustainability begins with you

The holistic sound resonance and the gong enables the human consciousness to co -exist in peace and harmony with our planet and all living beings

We offer:

Guidance in finding the perfect gong for your home and yoga center, seminars, retreats and 1:1 classes in how to play your gong

Seminars, retreats and 1:1 classes in how to play your gong

Gong- Academy is the sole authorized dealer of gongland gongs in Denmark






Kosha offers reversible outfits which give you the flexibility of adapting your style to any situation. Some KOSHA pieces are made with recycled fabrics coming from plastic waste.

Thanks to the high-quality and innovative fabrics, our products are timeless.

To reduce our carbon footprint, our suppliers and manufacturers are located in Europe.


By producing in Europe, we have a wary eye on the production chain. We can then guarantee the working conditions of our manufacturers. Supporting the economic development in Europe is part of our priority.  

  We avoid over-stock by producing in limited quantities. We do not work with seasonality. 




 flow copenhagen is a sustainable, Danish-made yoga brand created by two experienced yoga practitioners: Susanne and Emilie. Besides being mother and daughter, the two of them have found a shared bond in their passion for yoga. Susanne has worked may years in the sports industry, as a designer, developer(?) and shopper and Emilie combines the Communication & IT studies with her work as graphic designer and brand manager. One of flow copenhagen’s core values is, that yoga should be for everyone. We hope to produce and sell great, sustainable items at a fair price. This is made possible, by cutting out the middleman, and solely focusing on online sales as well as events and pop-ups. Simultaneously, we will not compromise on our desire for earth-friendly materials and ethical working environments for those involved in the production of our goods.





Happy Heart Company is a Danish brand making aromatherapeutic products that cleanse, nourish and affect both body, mind and soul.

The products are made of pure natural ingredients filled with vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils.

Everything is handmade and with presence.

One of the main pillars in Happy Heart Company is our 5 signature fragrances which each supports a different chakra – Protection (root chakra), Happiness (hara chakra), Energy (solar plexus), Peace (heart chakra) and Purifying (throat chakra).




At Jung Shim we offer energy treatments (acupressure with sound) stimulating points all over the body to release blockages, relieving tension and detoxifying the body, reinforcing the natural flow of Qi (chi or energy). A holistic approach to health based on ancient eastern understanding of mind, body and soul; ideal for personal development and physical wellbeing. 40

The sound creates a specific vibration to dissolve stubborn knots and carry energy deep into the energy channels. Vibrational sound has been shown to have a greater effect than touch alone.

It can support the recovery from different ailments and conditions. It recharges your human energy, detoxifies your system and has a calming effect on the mind.

At Jung Shim our aim is to help everyone reconnect with themselves, feel happier and healthier.





Maha Mala is a unique spiritual jewellery brand based out of New Delhi, India. Our company specializes in making 108 bead Japamalas (prayer necklaces) in semi-precious stones, traditional seeds and silver. Each mala is made after extensive research of particular gem stones keeping in mind their properties and how they enhance each other.

Maha Mala is an ethical company that supports traditional Indian craftsmanship and is the only mala company that uses Ahimsa (cruelty free) silk tassels to finish their products. Along with this process, we also promote many sustainable practices through the creation of our jewellery. Each mala is packed in a pouch made from organic cotton fabric which are stitched by the women of Sewing New Futures, an NGO that rescues women from sex trafficking trade and helps them develop vocational skills.





Hos Nice2Wear skal alle have mulighed for at komme i ZEN, så her finder du dit YOGATØJ samt UDSTYR til rimelige priser.
Miljøvenlig tøjproduktion og bæredygtighed generelt ligger os meget på sinde, og derfor prioriterer vi bl.a. KORK, BAMBUS og GOTS-certificeret tøj meget højt, hvilket vort udvalg også bærer præg af. 

Vi sælger bæredygtigt yogatøj, produceret i økologisk GOTS certificeret bomuld.
En stor nyhed i 2020 er, at vi netop er blevet eneforhandler i Danmark af smukke, bæredygtige korksandaler fra ”Original Cork".





OliOli Meditation is the most beautiful and intuitive meditation-app, with guided meditations for everyone - even beginners and children.

In the app, you’ll find guided meditations from the best meditation teachers in Denmark, UK, USA and Australia.

New meditations are added monthly, and with the search filters, you can always find a guided meditation that suits your mood, or the time you have available.
Our product is our social responsibility. That’s why the app is available for free, and inspire users with a new guided meditation every day. In that way meditation really is for everyone.




OMVENDT YOGA præsenterer FeetUp stolen, som er et fantastisk redskab til din yogapraksis.

Når du står i de omvendte stillinger i stolen, slipper du for belastning af nakken.

FeetUp stolen giver dig både støtte og udfordring i forskellige stillinger.

Så det bliver nemmere og sjovere at udfordre din core og balance.

OMVENDT YOGA er forhandler af FeetUp stolen samt afholder FeetUp intro workshops.





open to grace was founded in 2016 by Connie Gorming and Irene Herbst – both Yoga Teachers located in Copenhagen Denmark. Driven by the passion to good quality, great comfort and long-lasting products combined with fabulous looks we carry a range of yoga clothing, accessories and products for the body and soul. All items has been handpicked and personal tested to ensure high quality and the best fitting athleisure wear for all kind of movement - sweaty or chill - day and night - so you can keep your inner body bright and outer body soft and beautiful.


We work with a conscious and responsible mind and care about the footprints we leave behind us. We take great care in selecting our fabrics and vendors to make sure that they share our values. All products are chosen out from at least one or more listed criteria’s; high quality - organic – recycling- natural fibres – handmade/small-scale - local production - conscious packaging.Yet working with a sustainable approach is a constant process and we always try to improve and to do better than yesterday.

Read more here https://opentograceshop.com/pages/footprints





Menstruationskoppen er det nemmere, sundere og grønnere alternativ til bind og tamponer.

OrganiCup kan indeholde det samme som 3 tamponer og kan bruges i op til 12 timer ad gangen, så du slipper for at tænke på din menstruation om dagen - og natten.

Den er lavet af 100% blød medicinsk silikone der ikke forstyrrer kroppens naturlige miljø. OrganiCup kan bruges i årevis, ikke timevis. Du sparer derved planeten for en masse affald samtidig med at du slipper for månedlige indkøb af menstruationsprodukter.

OrganiCup er AllergyCertified, certificeret vegansk (ingen tests på dyr) og overholder al relevant lovgivning. 





I came up with the idea of PeaceYogaEco because me, as a yoga teacher and practitioner, I wanted to practice with yoga props and clothes that are not harmful to our planet. I started my little project on finding the most eco-friendly materials for yoga mats, and I found that natural rubber and cork are biodegradable and recyclable. At the same time, I was fascinated by the sustainability movement in fashion. The use of sustainable fabrics, made from recycled materials and waste products, opened a new chapter for me. My research is ongoing and work in progress. I feel that using earth friendly materials for clothes, is an necessity. www.peaceyogaeco.net@peaceyogaeco



Soulful Culture, mostly Organic and  sustainable pre & post yoga wear. Clothing which  is wonderful to wear outside the yoga class.

Produced in Bali by local craftsmen with lots of care & infused by the Balinese love & devotion.

We get inspired by words and everything we make will come with positive words.

We also do beautiful Mala’s and as something new we now do a small capsule yoga wear collection- can’t wait to show you at Yoga Games.




SATS is a gym chain that exists in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. SATS Group's vision is to influence the health and quality of life of its members





Supreme White hereditary shaman of 21 century. The voice of the souls on the Earth. Her abilities are proved by numerous scientific experiences. Creator of the School of Siberian shamanism. She is an open channel for contact with the spirits of ancient civilizations.






With basic values to care for our mother earth, Vackraliv yoga is deliberately eco friendly in interaction with long-lasting quality. The yoga mats are completely free of toxins, toxins and PVC.
With 20 years of background in fashion, design & coaching as well as a strong passion for yoga practice, mindfulness and above all beautiful yoga design, Vackraliv Yoga was created in Gothenburg. Creativity came to life in Little Ericiera, Sandhi House during Global Yoga Training 2019.
Beautiful Life Yoga is inspired by the chakra balance & chakra symbol “muladhara / root chakrat / to be founded / I am” which is included in the Beautiful Life Yoga logo and also to lift the love of beautiful you. Be more you! With Love and Light, Gabriella Beautiful Life Yoga.www.vackraliv.se





Alt til dig og din yoga. www.wearmyyoga.com






I 2012 blev jeg Uddannet Yoga- og Mindfullness lærer og har siden da undervist både private og firmaer i yoga.

I 2017 åbnede jeg webshoppen www.yogaliv.yogaop. Her finder du et bredt udvalg af yogatøj og udstyr i høj kvalitet, aromaterapi, naturlige og økologiske kropspleje produkter, smukke håndlavede smykker og meget mere.

Jeg arbejder hen imod at produkterne i butikken primært er lavet af økologiske materialer og genbrugsmaterialer.

Mit Yogaudstyr er fremstillet miljøvenligt, af naturlige materialer.

Jeg har fokus på at produktionen af mine produkter er gode, med gode vilkår for de ansatte.

Så vidt det er muligt er emballage ligeledes lavet af miljøvenlige produkter og genbrugsmaterialer.






Yogamii is a Danish GOTS certified brand focused on organic yoga wear for women and men with functional details, comfortable materials and simple design.

Whether practicing yoga, movement, or if you just like organic clothing - we want you to feel comfortable in what you wear.

We strongly believe that sustainability and yoga fit well together, why producing organic and GOTS certified yoga wear makes sense for us.

We are proud of our sustainable production chain. With gentle production methods, decent working conditions and certified materials, we have done our best to make sure that buying and wearing Yogamii products is an easy conscious choice.





Dit nye yoga og meditations udstyr bliver bragt til live med omtanke og kærlighed. Det kan tage måneder at designe og udskærer en enkelt træblok der bliver brugt til det håndtrykte stof, som derefter færdig gøres med de kendte stærkt orange YKK lynlåse, og kvaster. I Danmark fyldes dit udstyr med enten boghvede skaller eller importeret bomulds vat.

Kama Aurvedisk hudpleje

Kama Ayurveda hudpleje blev grundlagt i Indien i 2002, for at tilbyde de autentiske opskrifter på hudpleje, hårpleje, essentielle olier og mixture til alle deres kunder.

Fantastiske produkter til hurtig overskuelig daglig pleje samt til hud med Rosacea




YogaStream er dit redskab til mere styrke, ro og velvære i en travl hverdag. YogaStream er dit online yogaunivers med Danmarks dygtigste og mest inspirerende yogalærere, som guider dig gennem din praksis, når og hvor det passer dig.

På YogaStream finder du over 1000 yoga- og meditationsvideoer inden for forskellige yogastilarter, og der kommer løbende nye videoer til. Et YogaStream medlemskab koster 99 DKK/mdr. og de første 14 dage er gratis. Der er ingen binding, og du kan til hver en tid opsige dit abonnement. Vi glæder os til at byde dig velkommen.



YogiMe Organic yoga wear
YogiMe's collection consists of beautiful yoga pants in organic GOTS certified knitwear. Each garment is made with love and care and designed for the best comfort and fit. A small-scale genuine craft, driven by the love of yoga and the search for the perfect yoga pants!