New dates March 5 - 7, 2021


Since the situation still is very uncertain and Danish authorities do not allow events before September 1 we will be postponed to the new dates 5-7 March 2021. The security of visitors, teachers and exhibitors are our top priority. We’re doing everything we can to make sure Yoga Games will survive these unprecedented times so we can carry on our mission to inspire and build a sustainable community.


This is by far the most difficult predicament we have experienced since we started Yoga Games 10 years ago. For the first time, we are challenged to find a clear path forward.


Thank you for your patience with us as we work through potential solutions. The festival industry is in a time of crisis. Many great independent companies will go out of business and cherished festivals and events will disappear. We are committed to Yoga Games not being one of them, but we need your help to meet that commitment. As discussed below, the collective reaction from our community moving forward will be a significant factor in whether we are able to weather this storm.


As big as Yoga Games may seem, it operates with a lot of risk and very small margins. We work to keep ticket prices affordable, and ticket revenue alone does not usually cover all of the festival’s expenses. As soon as one Yoga Games ends, production and spending for the next festival begins. As ticket revenue comes in it generally goes out just as fast to put down deposits for venues, pay out substantial staff, location fees, etc.. We have been working for 9 months or more on our 2020 festival in Copenhagen.


If your life has been touched or changed in an unforgettable way by Yoga Games, please help us make it through to the other side.



1. Support the Future of Yoga Games with a Gift.

If you want our organization to continue to exist and you are able to, please gift your 2020 purchase to our shared future. If you can choose this option, we would be forever grateful. Send mail to with option 1 in the subject line



2. Your ticket will be automatically transfer to 2021

Your ticket is automatically moved to the event March 5-7. We have not canceled any event, but the Danish state has rules that prevent us from carrying out the events and they have been postponed. Your ticket is still valid on the new dates 2021. Send mail to with option 2 in the subject line



3. Transfer your ticket to any Yoga Games event

If you can transfer your 2020 ticket to 2021 please do so. Send mail to with option 3 and choice a, b, c, d, e in the subject line


a.                        Gothenburg 23-25 October 2020,

b.                        Malmo 20-22 November 2020,

c.                        Stockholm 5-7 February 2021,

d.                        Copenhagen 5-7 March 2021

e.                        Gothenburg 16-18 April 2021


We understand that this is a big request of all of you, and far from a perfect resolution. But we also know that you care about Yoga Games as much as we do, and that we likely cannot keep it afloat without your cooperation.


We need your respond at latest June 26. If no answer the number 2 choice will be made.


It takes a community to create the magic of an event and it is a community that can help all of us get through this together. It is our hope and vision that we will be together for all the love, joy, and connection offered by Yoga Games next year, but we need your help to fulfill that vision.


We will present the new schedule in September, we try to do so with as few changes as possible.

Your understanding and willingness to work with us on this is appreciated beyond measure.


Thank you,

With Love Yoga Games


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