Live Stream Yoga Festival 16-18 april


We are now proudly presenting our first really big online event, Live Stream Festival April 16-18. Live Stream means that all classes are broadcast live to your home, nothing is recorded or can be watched later. You choose which "studio" you enter when several classes go at the same time, just like at a "real" event. The difference is that you do not have to pre-book exactly which classes you will attend, but you can decide for yourself in the meantime.

This is the biggest Live streamed yoga event made in Scandinavia, you do not want to miss it!

The event is broadcast from a studio in Gothenburg, but all teachers broadcast their classes from where they live. We will visit Mexico, USA, Germany, England and France.

You will find the fantastic teachers HERE and several of the previous favorites are of course included. Rusty Wells, Michael James Wong, Isaac Pena, Krista Cahill, Johanna Hector, Ulrica Norberg  and many more.





Book Tickets

When bookig you choose which days to attend. You can not book classes in advance. 

Friday 600 DKK

Saturday or Sunday 800 DKK

Saturday & Sunday 1450 DKK






Did you book Gothenburg April 16-18?

Everyone who had booked a ticket to Yoga Games in Gothenburg these days automatically has a seat at the Live Stream Festival, plus you get a 20% discount (if you paid for a ticket) when booking upcoming events. So, you do not have to do anything but are automatically moved. Since no class booking is made at the Live Stream Festival, you can completely ignore your booked classes.

If you instead want to wait until it becomes a physical event, contact us by email no later than 28 February. Then we move your ticket forward 



How does it work?

The entire event is broadcast via Zoom, Yoga Games broadcasts from a studio with interviews and talks to the teachers. Then each class is done in its own room "Break-Out Room" so when it is time for the classes, you easily choose in which you want to participate. The teachers broadcast from different parts of the world and from a Studio in Gothenburg. No pre-booking of classes can be made. All participants choose whether they want to be seen with a camera/image or completely without. Of course, it gives a great feeling if we can see many of you. Between classes, everyone comes back to the studio where Yoga Games broadcasts.


Support and help

Yoga Games are always available on chat, email, and phone for those who want help.



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