Presenters - Gothenburg April 16-18 2021

Camilla Bonnicel


Camilla Bonnicel

Camilla Bonnicel utbildade sig till yogalärare under 2015 när hon bodde i USA. Tidig vår 2016 kompletterade hon sin utbildning med en 80-timmars yinyogautbildning, och sedan dess har yin varit den dominerande yogastilen för henne. Från och med februari 2017, i hennes nya hemstad Rotterdam, leder hon varje vecka (yin) yogaklasser. Camilla är även legitimerad sjuksköterska och kommer ursprungligen från Göteborg.

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Gothenburg April 16-18 2021

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17:30 : Roll, Release & Relax (Studio 4 Foyer)

In this workshop you will learn some easy self-massage techniques using balls to release tension stored in your muscles. The technique is call myofascial release or MFR and it´s a great tool to loosen up in areas of the body where we usually store tension, soreness and even pain, such as the shoulders, the neck and the back. Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga are like a happy marriage! One relaxes the muscles, and the other works on the connective tissue.

We´ll work through the entire body, from feet to head, applying different techniques of MFR.

The workshop is suitable for everyone who feels a bit stiff and that would like to learn how to let go of some of that stiffness & tension.