Presenters - Gothenburg April 16-18 2021

Krista E Cahill

Krista E Cahill, Paris France

In 1999 Krista began practicing Ashtanga Yoga- as taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. Years later & by great fortune, Krista was led to Master-Teacher Maty Ezraty. Maty influenced Krista to approach daily practice from the subtle body, rather than gross anatomy. A teaching that deeply influences the course taken each day, on & off the mat. Krista continues to study and to be mentored by Maty. Upon Maty's recommendation Krista traveled to Italy in 2015 to study with Dona Holleman. Dona's method is called "Centered Yoga".Dona's teachings are inspiring new and untapped avenues of growth. Much gratitude and respect for her teachings Krista's classes reflect all three of her main influences, and are for anyone open to creative exploration.Krista asks students to be curious to let go of pretenses & to embrace inner-exploration.Krista understands Yoga as a healing art and spiritual discipline, “ you don’t learn to be intuitive—you already are". Yoga is remembering we are constantly under Construction— there is infinite room for learning and creative expression. This practice intends to provoke us & to inspire the bigger questions triggering one’s own awakening…the truth is-It is never complete, it is never finished, it’s infinite.

Instagram: @krista_cahill_yoga

Gothenburg April 16-18 2021

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10:30 : Alignment Lab - Shoulders (Studio 4 Foyer)

The amazing wonderful shoulder is designed for freedom and agility. Thus, with freedom comes vulnerability. Understand the mechanics of movement, healthy range of motion and techniques for gentle rehabilitation. Studying the self is a major piece of the yoga pie, we need to examine our bodies and to know which movement is beneficial to Asana. Knowledge about structure and integration gives a wonderful opportunity to dive into one of the most powerful energy outlets we have for helping, hugging, and holding ourselves and others with empowerment.


12:30 : Hands on Assists (Studio 4 Foyer)

Physical touch is information. Each time your body receives this information it becomes an understanding of subtle movement in the energetic realm. Equal to how the touch can help move the practice forward, this experience can also influence other spiritual and emotional realms. Learning to guide, rather than force the experience is of the utmost importance. This workshop will highlight the most effective way to offer inspiration and insight to your students and for those who are not teaching -  how to properly receive an adjustment. Gentleness and kindness are our two most powerful ingredients.



11:30 : Asanas Lab - reading bodies & modifications (Studio 4 Foyer)

Practice and theory of poses, deeply understanding your & your students unique physical characteristics and application of variations and modifications to individual needs. Yoga is s spiritual experience assisted by tools for helping our bodies to integrate as one, these tools are breathing, postures, and reflecting through meditation. Deeper relationship to self is the only way to connect deeper to the outside world... connection necessary to experience the beautiful energy of oneness.


13:45 : Holistic dentistry (Studio 3 Small Room)

Teeth are some of our most important tools in life. We need to understand our smile and what it offers to the world. They are not only tools for eating, but for speech, and nonverbal communication. A beautiful confident smile speaks volumes.

This mini info session will inform you about the structure of Teeth, gums and how to care for your mouth naturally. Recipes for making homemade natural products to enhance the already gorgeous gums. Smile with confidence Every single day!


15:45 : All Levels Vinyasa (Studio 2 Middle)

Vinyasa yoga is a newer phenomenon. Birthed from the desire to practice a well-rounded sequence with out the restrictions of Ashtanga and the desire to practice without the “Themed” frame work of aligned asanas of Iyengar. Hence, Vinyasa was born to our modern Yoga culture. A relatively free place for students of all levels, experience and capabilities... we can move in a group dynamic while satisfying the unique needs to oneself. No dogma, no fundamentalism, just collective consciousness and shared inspiration. Feeling good is absolutely a relevant intention for practicing.