Presenters - Gothenburg October 23-25 2020

Jang-Ho Kim


Jang-Ho Kim, Wiesbaden, Germany

Yoga is Jang-Ho Kim’s way of communication, a way to transfer his experience and his love to the people. His yoga style is an alchemy of sweating, laughing, crying, tension, relaxation and humor. Tae Kwon Do gave him discipline and strength, Qi-Gong taught him how to control the energy and ZEN philosophy has been his mirror for his inner world. 

With heart and soul Jang-Ho accompanies the participants on their journey to the unknown inner universe. Jang-Ho leads trainings and retreats around the world and is co-owner of Now Yoga Today, a yoga studio in Wiesbaden Germany.

Instagram: jang_ho_unchained


Gothenburg October 23-25 2020

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10:30 : Whats Up?? Hatha Flow All levels (Studio 1 North)

It is about arriving in this new place, your own body and the very  present moment. Basic movements are coming together with gentle flow elements and a nice stretch part in the end of the class.

Jang-Ho will lead the class with ease and his way of humor. Feel invited to breathe and move with Jang-Ho. This class is for all levels.

14:30 : Transformation goes along with transpiration (Studio 4 Foyer)

A good class to sweat. Do not eat too much in your lunch break if you intend to come to this class. It will be fun.


13:45 : Love can embrace everything, for everyone (Thetre)

This lecture is all about love. How love can help us to find out who we are.

15:45 : Nothing is lost forever (Studio 1 North)

We often struggle with letting go of something or someone. Let’s dare to find out together with breathing, movements, laughter and inner stillness where our yoga journey will take us to help ourselves to let go.

You’ll find in this class basic asanas with flow elements.