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Bjørn Jakobsen


Bjørn Jakobsen

Bjørn started exploring the practice of yoga 20 years ago. Little did he know at the time; how influential this practice would be in his life. The physical practice appealed to him, and for many years he was content with strengthening and stretching the body. He noticed a lot of resistance, in being still, finding patience and gradually noticed that the effect it had on his body also affected his mind. Being flexible changed from doing the splits, to finding new ways of looking at things. Being physically strong, changed to showing vulnerability and asking for help and guidance. As a teacher Bjørn shares his passion for this practice in a fun and relatable way. The mat is a perfect place to explore and to connect to our inner self, but also a great way to reestablish our connections to others.

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Urban Yoga Oslo

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14:15 : Ignite your fire (Central Park)

Ignite your fire is a class where we create more heat in our bodies, so that we create fire. This class will target a lot of core and deep twists stimulating our digestion system. The class will end with cooling and balancing poses to calm and neutralize the body. 



08:30 : Elevate (Studio 3)

Elevate is a playful Vinyasa class that incorporates mobility drills, strength and flexibility, but has a fluid sequence as its core. To elevate, there must be challenges and through the different components in this class we seek to find the inspiration and collective power to face them.


15:30 : Breathe into Yin (Frogner)

Breathe into Yin will bring more life into your practice. In this class we invite you to slow down and calm your nervous system. Yin is a practice where we hold the postures around 3-5 minutes and work with the connective tissue in the body. During our holds, we will incorporate easy breathing techniques to still our minds and enhance vitality of poses.



11:45 : Climbing the ladder (Frogner)

Climbing the ladder is a vinyasa class where we gradually add on more poses. Eventually, we end up with a flow that moves like a set of strings creating harmonious tunes. The breath will carefully guide the rhythm of the practice. 


15:30 : Levitate (Studio 3)

Levitate is a class where we seek to find more lightness in our practice. We will warm up and strengthen specific muscles that are important to use in arm balances. It will be playful and accommodating in terms of level. Lots of options will be given.