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Igor Coelho


Igor Coelho

Igor is a traveling yoga teacher from Portugal. Certified 500hs of Yoga in India, started sharing his passion in Oslo. From daily classes, workshops, retreats, festivals and coaching teacher trainings, he developed a modern and playful teaching.

Guided by Nature & Elements, Igor wants to inspire and motivate his students to find their center. His flows combine movement, unexpected transition and fire.

Instagram @igorcoelhoyoga


Urban Yoga Oslo

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12:30 : Open Your Chakras (Frogner)

Open Your Chakras- Fluid Spine Vinyasa is an imaginary line linking the information of specific areas of our bodies with our brains. In this “head to toe” Vinyasa class we will explore each of our major energy centers, creating a yummy fluidity in our spine.



10:15 : Spread Your Wings and Fly (Frogner)

Spread Your Wings and Fly- Shoulder Mobility Vinyasa. For many of us, the area of the shoulders accumulates and carries stiffnesses that constantly push us down. What if we could become softer, lighter, more spacious and challenge gravity? Breathing, squeezing, stretching, twisting, letting go... together we will find our wings and take them for a ride.



14:00 : FLOW - Playful Vinyasa (Studio 3)

FLOW - Playful Vinyasa is an updated concept of yoga, blends a developed understanding of body/mind connection with a creative and fluid way of moving with a sense of awareness. This playful Vinyasa class is designed to take the best out of ourselves, each and every moment, encouraging us to leave the mat feeling good and grateful.


17:15 : Heartbite (Frogner)

Heartbite - Heart Opener Flow is the process of opening the front of our hearts which embodies a nurturing offer to the outside world. Focusing on the back aspects of our Heart Chakra, allows us to accept and receive. Physically we will explore heart openers, initiated from the support of backspace in a sweaty Vinyasa based class.