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Eilin Dalby


Eilein Dalby

Eilin started yoga in 2008 and has taught since 2011. She is a registered yoga instructor, RYT 500, through the globally recognized Yoga Alliance, and works as one of the principal instructors at Hiyoga Majorstua. Her commitment to yoga stems from a firm conviction of its benefits, by observing what it has done for her own life. Sharing these helpful tools the way her teachers have so generously shared them with her is constantly inspires her.


Urban Yoga Oslo

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11:45 : Follow your bliss (Studio 3)

Follow your bliss is rejuvenating vinyasa flow with talk and meditation to set the theme and sweet relaxation at the end to savor the experience.


15:30 : Warrior salutations (Studio 3)

In the warrior salutations we will explore the warrior stances through the three P´s: press, pulse, pause, to find engagement of core and inner stability to release outer tension.


17:15 : Warrior salutations - kicks & tricks (Frogner)

Starts with warrior salutations to move the energy, and then explores some kicking to strengthen the practice and end with partner work: thai therapy and easy massage. 



10:15 : Less is more (Studio 3)

Less is more is a soft and sweet vinyasa with focus on prepping the joints and muscles for more movement with ease. Suitable for all leves, whether beginner or experienced you will find something to work with.


15:30 : Yinlicious (Frogner)

Yinlicious is a yummy, sweet and slightly more explorative yin class.