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Ilias Kousis

Ilias Kausis

is a level-3 Forrest Yoga teacher and has been working closely with his beloved teachers Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco. He thrives on using the transformational tools of Forrest Yoga to shed old habitual patterns which serve him no more, and grow stronger and more resilient. His purpose is to serve the world by sharing the healing and transformational methods that worked for him, so that more and more people get out of the automatic way of being and delve deeper into feeling.

This is where the true living lies; where man begins to dig deeper than the superficial layer of neurosis and emotional imbalances and begins to listen to the subtler, inner voices of his Spirit. This is where man discovers his own Truth and makes choices that build his self-respect and that he is proud of. Ilias’s intention is to guide you to extract jewels of wisdom from your practice on your mat and incorporate them into your life in an effective way. You can practice with him at HiYoga (Oslo) and online..

Urban Yoga Oslo

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12:30 : Tracing Beauty ? Hips, shoulders & neck (Central Park)

This class will teach you how to use your deep breath to sharpen your awareness and begin to change your chemistry and elevate your energy. You will educate yourself how to listen to your subtle inner voices and provide your body and spirit with what it needs instead of surrendering to hard self-criticism and abuse.



08:30 : Stalk your fear ? Inversions and arm balances (Central Park)

Your yoga practice is a great arena where you can begin to experiment with yourself and your edges. Through intense asana and intelligent sequencing you will feel grounded and ready to face your fear in a down-to-earth, respectful way and use it as an ally.

You will shift from victim to hunter and make a warrior’s choice to stay mindful during moments of intensity. You will experience the four directions ceremony at the beginning of the workshop. It will be safe, sweaty and fun.

14:00 : Free your spine ? Mild Backbending (Frogner)

Our sedentary lifestyle and our disconnection from our own spirit has led us to a collapsed way of being, both physically and emotionally. This is imprinted in our compressed spines. When our spines compress, our organs collapse and become dysfunctional, and our energy levels plummet. This class will teach you how to decompress your spine and feel uplifted.



11:45 : Revitalize your core ? Grounding (Central Park)

This class will help you feel more connected to your core and recalibrate your balance. You will emphasize on deep breath and abdominal work to illuminate the neurological connections between your core, legs and feet. Through standing poses, you will learn to activate your feet and root down into our beautiful planet. This will help you to realign your posture and feel safe and supported.

15:30 : Romance your heart ? Backbending (Central Park)

This class will focus on safe and fun backbends so that your heart gets invigorated and spacious. More often than not, we focus on what goes wrong and what we could do better. Despite this is a constructive attitude, sometimes it can be limiting. When we bring brain and heart into alliance then we can let go of the old habitual patterns and embrace our limitless and true capabilities. In this class you will get to explore parts of yours that may have been previously shut down.