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Karen Kollien Nygaard


Karen Kollien Nygaard

Karen is a trained psychologist and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Zanti Yogastudi where she integrates modern Western psychology and somatic techniques with yoga and mindfulness. Her goal is to provide the people she meets with effective tools that help keep the balance of life's ups and downs easier. She guides companies, individuals, couples and families.

She is a highly sought after speaker and a source of inspiration for the rare.


Urban Yoga Oslo

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14:15 : Yoga as Therapy (Frogner)

In this workshop you will learn what yoga therapy is and how you can use yoga as a therapeutic tool alone or with traditional psychotherapy. The workshop is suitable both for those who want to deepen their own yoga practice and / or for therapeutic work with others.



08:30 : Yoga and Mindfulness (Frogner)

Yoga and Mindfulness a flowing yoga class that you may adapt to your body this day.    The idea is that we should be more present, more conscious, more accepting, have less pain and get more out of ourselves and the environment. We must dare to follow our own path, dare to be ourselves and live the life that is meant for ourselves.


14:00 : Yoga as a sustainable practice (Central Park)

Yoga as a sustainable practice a class to log on to the body to be guided from the inside out. Much of the process is that when we are kind to ourselves, we are also kind to others. A flowing yoga class that suits all ages and shapes.


17:15 : Yoga and stress release (Studio 3)

A calm and grounding yoga class with a peaceful mindful meditation. A class that will get you into your body, yourself and help you to find peace of mind