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Trine Tchudi


Trine Tchudi

Trine was a gymnast and dancer as a teenager and had a bad accident and broke her lower back and had several neck prolapses. She has used Pilates and Yoga as therapy and has been teaching and educating people for over 30 years. She still teaches Yoga and Pilates everyday and works as a Personal Trainer and is involved in instructor training programs. Trine has practiced under Alexander Medin for over 10 years and she considers Alexander and Basia Lipska Larsen her teachers. Trine strives  to make her yoga classes therapeutic and meditating.


Urban Yoga Oslo

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08:30 : Get strong (Frogner)

Get strong with yoga explores yoga and strength. Get stronger, leaner, and make your Yoga Practice safer and healthier to have more Fun with the asanas. 


11:45 : Yoga and Anatomy (Frogner)

Yoga and Anatomy is a talk and practice. What is Anatomy and Why is Yoga Anatomy important in you practice? How can knowing your Anatomy make your Yoga Postures get more steadiness and ease? Sthira & Sukha.


17:15 : Safe and strong yoga practice (Studio 3)

Safe and strong yoga practice is a workshop on building a strong, healthy and regular Yoga Practice. Where to go? How often? How long? What kind of Yoga? We will investigate how to cultivate an effective Yoga “vasanas” habit.



08:30 : Yogalates (Studio 3)

Yogalates is having fun with yoga and pilates. How to combine Yoga and Pilates in a fun and functional way! We explore stretching and meditation in Yoga Asanas together with strengthening and stabilizing Pilates exercises.


11:45 : Yoga Core (Studio 3)

Yoga Core is a workshop on asanas and exercises to build more core, become stronger, leaner and healthier, protect yourself from injuries and be energetically stronger.