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Francesca Golfetto


Francesca Golfetto

Francesca is a professional ballet dancer, a certified yoga instructor and a model. She graduated from La Scala in Milan and Royal Ballet School in London. Since the age of 17, Francesca has been dancing at Royal Ballet (London), Zurich Opera House and Den Norske Opera & Ballett. She has been practicing yoga since 2007, initially using yoga as a way how to keep the body healthy and to release physical and mental tensions created from the strenuous ballet regime. It was, however, due to an injury when yoga became her healing resource and her passion. Practicing and teaching yoga has been a life changer and become a lifestyle for Francesca.

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Gothenburg April 16-18 2021

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12:30 : Core Blast (Studio 2 Middle)

A fun yoga flow that focuses on core stability and increasing flexibility throughout our bodies. Core strength will help you align your body, build up protection for your lower back and help you move more efficiently. We will be working your core from the front body, back body and side body incorporating a variety of poses to challenge core muscles from all sides. 


16:15 : Happy Hips (Studio 1 North)

This special hip opening class will work on loosening tight hips, which in turn can help alleviate back pain, and improve your posture, circulation and range of motion.  This class focuses on dynamic stretches, some longer holds and a few mobility exercises. We will be moving fluidly to release tension throughout the body.



08:00 : Yoga for Sports (Studio 2 Middle)

Yoga is an excellent cross-training tool that can help improve your athletic performance in all sports by stretching tightened and fatigued muscles, increasing mental concentration, improving flexibility, and rehabilitation from common sports injuries.  This class combines active flexibility, movement fluidity and building strength within yoga asana.  We will engage core muscle groups while working on deepening postures in a safe manner that supports the body.  This class is a total body flow, appropriate for all levels, with sequences designed to bring focus on alignment and to challenge the body mentally and physically. 


Urban Yoga Oslo

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16:00 : Vinyasa and Backbending (Central Park)

Vinyasa and Backbending class will prepare you for the foundations for the "bridge pose” by exploring many back-bending variations of asanas that can refresh and energize you. You will find the balance between strength and flexibility when standing in bridge and look at the technique behind backward bends in detail, from Upward facing dog to full bridge (Urdhva dhanurasana).



10:15 : Dynamic vinyasa with strength and grace (Studio 3)

Dynamic vinyasa with strength and grace  A fun, fl¬ow yoga class that focuses on core stability and increasing ¬flexibility throughout our bodies. Core strength will help you align your body, build up protection for your lower back and help you move more efficiently.  This flow is sure to fire up your core from all sides. Working your core from the front body, back body and side body using poses like navasana (boat pose), salabhasana (locust pose) and vasisthasana (side plank).


14:00 : Inversion workshop (Studio 3)

Turn yourself upside down  is a technique based workshop that looks at inverted postures such as headstands, shoulder-stand sequences. Many tips and suggestions will be given as to how we can achieve new poses and refine techniques of existing poses.



10:15 : Vinyasa class with inversions (Frogner)

In this class the we will experience a delightful, holistic flow of asana – focused around Handstands, Inversions and balancing in general.


14:00 : Flexible & Strong (Frogner)

Flexible & Strong is a power yoga flow that aims to detoxify the body via twists, hip and low back opening, as well as a decent amount of core work from our hands and backs. Through the use of specifically designed twists and compression poses you will rinse the spine and internal organs, riding them of harmful toxins. The result is a completely refreshed feeling throughout the entire body.