Presenters - Malmö May, 28-30 2021

Jenny Viktorsson


Jenny Viktorsson, Malmö

Jenny´s way into yoga had a lot to do with a longing to connected more deeply again a connection she had a glimbs at while dancing many years back. She took her first yoga class in Spain where she used to live before and since then it has been an incredible journey of yoga which guided her to different kinds of yoga styles and amazing teachers around the world and more so it brought her back to her self, to joy, to love and to the great path of yoga.

Jenny has taken different teacher trainings in Sweden, Bali and India in styles as Hatha with Daniel Strausser who has been a great inspiration for many years, Vinyasa flow, Elemental yoga therapy, Mediyoga, Pregnancy yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Anusara inspired with Anja Bergh, Sama yoga with Sky who guided her to a whole deeper practice of yoga and Bhakti. Working at Ashiyana yoga retreat center in Goa for several seasons and assisted many of their Teacher a Trainings deepened both her teaching and practice.

Something that started as a way back to herself became what she does full time today, teaching yoga and being the Co owner of a yoga studio in Malmö Sweden Yoga kendra. 

Instagram: @Jennybeloveyogaflow


Malmö May, 28-30 2021

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18:00 : Move and groove through the five Elements (Studio 3)

Let us move and groove, yoga, dance and explorer the journey through the elements. A moving dynamic meditation embracing all aspects and elements of you. Accepting, inviting and even celebrating the beauty of you.

The 5 elements support our way into connecting, understanding and remembering who we are. We will explore through yoga, dance, pranayama and meditation.