Presenters - Malmö May, 28-30 2021

Holly Husler


Holly Husler, London

From belting out original pop tunes at the London O2 stage to 20,000 people, whilst supporting Westlife, to singing healing mantras and playing magical instruments, to seas of sleeping yogis, at events and studios across the globe; Holly’s journey has taken some unexpected turns. Holly’s yoga practice drew to the surface a deep desire to help people find conscious connection and their own inner peace, leading her to train in sound healing, with industry leaders, Nestor Kornblum & Michelle Averard, along with crystal bowl specialists Carly Grace & Yantara Jiro.

Her significant yoga teachers have included, Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar & Adam Husler.

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Malmö May, 28-30 2021

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The whispering divine

Your voice is unique, just like your path. You deserve to be seen, and to be heard. Are you the one who fears the ‘Om’ at the end of the yoga class because you think you ‘can’t sing’ and will murder the eardrums of the person next to you? Or maybe you CAN sing, but you’re scared to shine too bright?

Are you scared to use your voice?

Join Holly Husler in this two hour workshop to break through your fear and connect with your unique sound and personal power. For the first part, we’ll cover voice work, chakra toning, mantras and chanting, the power of intention and how sound is energy.

For the second half, you’ll lie down, relax and fully experience the power of sound. Holly will guide you on a beautiful journey of healing vibrations and frequencies, using crystal singing bowls, chimes, her singing voice and other global instruments to tune you into a state of balance and harmony.

It’s Holly’s intention for you to leave feeling both empowered and peaceful at the same time, and in a higher vibrational state than when you came in.




09:00 : Wake Up and Flow (Studio 3)

Join Holly Husler for a gentle 60 minute morning Vinyasa Flow class to help you begin your day with a sense of joy, calmness and clarity. We’ll move through a beautiful sequence exploring breath, strength and flexibility, with encouragement to go at your own pace. Feel your body stretch and release, and your mind quieten to peace. All levels welcome.


18:00 : SAVASANA - A Sound Journey (Studio 1)

Simply come in and lie down on your mat. Nothing to do but relax. We’ll take some time to connect with the breath and give ourselves permission to let go of any stress or worries that the mind is holding on to, before completely surrendering to the experience of a healing sound journey. Holly will sing mantras and her own original material to offer some deep soothing to the soul, as well as play her beautiful collection of global instruments including Alchemy crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rain stick, chimes. It’s Holly’s intention to shift you into a state of peace and harmony, and help you connect with the magic in your internal world.



14:00 : SOUND ASLEEP Yin Yoga & Sound Journey (Studio 1)

We’ll begin with some guided meditation to calm the mind, before moving into some gentle Yin poses to open out the tight spaces in the body. Then, nothing to do but lie down and relax while Holly guides you through a journey of sounds, using an array of beautiful global instruments including Alchemy crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rain stick, chimes and voice. Allow the healing vibrations to wash over and through you, as they work to shift you into a state of peace, balance and harmony.