Presenters - Malmö May, 28-30 2021



Raghunath, New York US

Raghunath, born Ray Cappo, started as a hardcore/punk singer-songwriter icon. In a decadent music scene infested with drugs, negativity and intoxication, he was a light advocating clean living, positive attitude and vegetarian lifestyle, inspiring tens of thousands of fans internationally.

He started practicing yoga in 1987 with esteemed Sri Dharma Mittra and Shivananada Yoga. The pettiness of the business of music and the untimely death of his father led him to India in 1988 where he dove deeper into the lifestyle and spirituality of India. He became a celibate monk at a Krishna Bhakti Ashram for 6 years where he studied, meditated and lived the ancient yogic texts. Now, he's an accomplished yogi in many styles, and married with five children. He leads retreats, workshops and teacher trainings around the world. Raghunath is an expert at taking the esoteric yoga philosophy and making it understandable for the contemporary world.

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Malmö May, 28-30 2021

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12:00 : 6 pillars of Bhakti Yoga (Studio 3)

Ancient techniques for tangible transformation 

Experience simple shifts in thinking as taught by the sages of Vedic India. True transformation isn’t merely getting fit or transforming your physical frame. According to the yoga masters true transformation happens when we change the way we think and break the the mental figure eights that keep us bound to the pain due to poor choices in the material world. 

Join international yoga instructor Raghunath, as he teaches from his upcoming book. Raghu explains foundational principles of the Bhakti Yoga system that are easy to apply and instantly transformational.  The class will benefit both newbies and seasoned sojourners on their spiritual journey. Raghu explains in simple terms ancient practices to perfect your meditation & shift your paradigm. In this course you can tangibly witness how these 6 Pillars will enhance relationships with others, your relationship with your Higher Power and most importantly your relationship with yourself.




09:00 : Bhakti Flow and Flight (Studio 2)

- physical asana with call and response chanting

Advance your physical & spiritual practice with Raghunath, infusing inventive inversions, brave balancing , sneaky sequencing & tricky transitions. All  teachings are peppered with bhakti yoga philosophy while class begins and ends with call and response chanting to set the mood. Let your own dynamic signature practice take shape, as you push your edge and realize your potential, no matter what level you’re at.  Raghunath will demystify advanced asanas and teach appropriate ways to add them to your practice. In true Raghu style this class is rooted in down to earth spirituality, and instructions for living a contemporary yogic lifestyle. Change your mind, strengthen your practice, and open your heart.


14:30 : Flight School (Studio 2)

- physical/asana workshop. includes call and response chanting

You will literally elevate your physical and spiritual practice with Raghunath  in his famously popular, powerful and playful class called Flight School. Experience Raghunath’s bold approach to encountering sophisticated vinyasa. Asanas that once seemed unattainable will be dissected and made approachable. Discover and excavate the subtle strength needed to fly up to handstands, float to inversions, and enter deep into the heart of the pose. In authentic Raghunath style, class will be interlaced with chanting and stories from classic Indian texts, rooted in down-to-earth spirituality and grounded with instructions for living a contemporary yogic lifestyle. Strengthen your practice,Open your Mind,Realize your Potential & Connect to your foundation.




09:45 : Hands on Assists: level 1 (Studio 1)

- physical/workshop

Raghunath explains and demonstrates the art of hands on assists. He covers common misalignments for poses as well as how to use voice, and hands (and sometimes legs and feet) on a body to help the student enter into the asana. Precautions, intentions are explored. Level one features common asanas used in Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga as well as some resting poses.


14:00 : Pranayama Primer & Purify Flow (Studio 2)

Asana and Pranayama (regulation of breath) are ancient and powerful methods of cleansing the gross and subtle body and are the foundation of the yoga system.  In this vinyasa workshop, Raghunath a breathwork junkie, will explain the mysteries of pranayama which are often misunderstood. He will also share methods of upgrading your asana practice - no matter what level you are at via incorporating breath technique - to create more benefit in your practice from the same effort.  Simple yogic practices for diet and hygiene that can revolutionize your overall health and will be discussed for practical application. Chanting included.